Organized At Last

Organized At Last

Time, space, and energy; would you like more of it?

If you feel overwhelmed by the daily responsibilities of a complicated life, continually experiencing the anxiety and frustration of clutter and chaos, Organized at Last can help!

Through personal consultations, classes, seminars, and hands-on organizing, Organized at Last's team of Professional Organizing Consultants offers a variety of services to help you establish and maintain balance in your home, office and life. Our goal is to help you experience clarity through organization and we're passionate about what we do!

If you're ready to make a positive change in your life and experience clarity through organization, call Organized at Last today to schedule your personal consultation!

Classes & Workshops:

Simplifying the Holidays

Tuesday, November 6th
7:00-9:00 PM at The Chrysallis Inn and Spa
Instructor: Julie Clarke
Register: 360.319.2417 or via Send Message above
Fee: $45

The holidays are just around the corner. Are you looking for ways to bring joy back to the season and avoid the hassles? Join me as we learn to simplify gift giving, streamline meals and activities and reclaim the holidays as a time to be savored and enjoyed.

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